Bad Driving Habits That Are Most Infuriating For Other Drivers

Often, on the road, you might find yourself cursing another driver in your mind no matter how patient you are. There are certain times when you can’t keep your calm at all. It’s all thanks to some infuriating driving habits. But, you might also find that sometimes you project certain bad habits. It is not good to adopt or accommodate these annoying habits because, while driving, you are talking about taking risks with your life and also with the lives of others.

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Now, let us see what are the most infuriating driving habits that people absolutely hate on road –

  1. Littering The Road

Throwing wastes on roads from ongoing cars can deter the vehicles behind and may cause accidents if they are caught under the tyre. More dangerous instance of littering is flicking out an ignited cigarette butt or tinder. If thrown into the dry bushes on the roadside, it is capable of fire breakout.

It is also hazardous to the environment and, truth to be told, nobody would like to drive on such a dangerous road full of trash.

  1. No Use of Indicator

This basic of driving is known to all drivers. It does not require much effort to use indicators and let the other drivers know where you are going to move next. Suddenly stopping and changing lanes without indicator signs would definitely cause accidents.

  1. Braking Abruptly

Even after maintaining a following distance it is possible to have a collision when you are forced to hit brakes suddenly due to the leading car’s abrupt braking. A chain reaction would follow suit.

  1. Road Raging

It is the most aggressive and stressful incident on the road. It affects the mind of the abused drivers where every seconds of driving requires full attention.

  1. Overtaking and Undertaking

Speeding and trying to overtake again and again is already against the road rule. What causes more irritation is undertaking, where people refuse to let you overtake and constantly block you even if there is enough space.

  1. Tailgating

When you close in on the car there is a high risk of collision in case of any emergency.

  1. Driving at Crawling Speed

Nobody would tolerate crawling on a fast paced lane. It delays traffic and causes nuisance.

  1. Making Cursory Stops

It is not good to make stops on roads no matter what the reason is. It may stop other vehicles from moving on.

  1. Stopping Mergers

People are often bound to merge lanes in front of the queued vehicle when there is much traffic. But somebody may actively stop the car from merging considering it as rude.

Avoid such bad driving habits and become an ideal driver, when on road.