The City Of Memphis, Its History Of The Blacks And The Important Places Related To It

The city of Memphis is always a joyful place with outwardly daring people, live music in the air, and a great happening ambiance for travelers and the locals alike. Have you ever thought of the struggles that a selected race of people had to go through to get where they are today?

Yes, the history of Memphis cannot be told without telling the story of the civil war and the fight that the black people fought for their civil rights and equality. You can read detailed information on this topic here Also, pretty much anything about Memphis can be found on the We Are Memphis website.

There are many websites that can offer every information about the Memphis city including some basics such as the stay suggestions, reviews, event calendars, etc. You can find all the information you need to spend an enjoyable vacation in Memphis from these websites.

Some Important Places and Their Significance to Black History

Coming back to our main topic of the city’s history relevant to the blacks and their struggles and fights for equality, here is a list of few important places:

  • National Civil Rights Museum – It is at Lorraine Motel, the very same place where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot to death in the year 1968. This museum is quite big and it depicts the memories of the struggles that the blacks went through for their equality, and thus gives off bittersweet vibes.

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  • The Withers Collection Museum and Gallery – Though this museum and gallery are not as big as the previous one, it is quite cozy and it is situated in Beale street, among other restaurants and bars.

Yet none of these could distract its visitors from paying attention to and admiring those beautiful portraits of those important and powerful protesters and leaders.

  • Slave Heaven Underground Railroad Museum – This is a house of the nineteenth century turned into a museum. This house played an important role in a brave escape plan made in history for escaping the life of slavery using the Underground Railroad.
  • Beale Street Baptist church – After the people escaped slavery, this was the first church that they built for themselves in Beale street. This place is just more than a church as it is not a place of worship alone. It has been a place of refuge to more people escaping slavery

It also acted as a newspaper office, helping the early civil rights journalists in their publications, though it was for a brief time.

  • Stax Museum of American Soul Music – Yet another small and powerful tool in the civil rights movement was the Stax record museum. This museum helped by being a strong catalyst and also it helped to draw the world’s attention towards the genre of music that had the African American experience intertwined within.

Now that you have read everything about Memphis, its residents, the places and their significance, you can book a ticket to the place to enjoy some vacation time with your dear ones. Make sure to pay a visit to these places and experience Memphis in a unique and historical way.