A Few Recent Trends and Changes Happening In the Office Environment

Today, we are living in a digitally connected world. As a result, all companies have to evolve and compete within such a rapidly changing scenario.

Technology is now changing various responsibilities and tasks of employees. In almost all sectors, automation has been introduced and now most of the human tasks are limited only by taking care of a certain “knowledge work”. Due to such changes, the expectation from the employee about their work also has changed.

Now people want to remain engaged in certain meaningful tasks that can offer a healthy environment and also provide more flexibility and also a better work/life balance. All these ways of working of the employees are changing not just because of technology, but also due to the transformation of the economic environment.

Besides the other things, companies these days are asked to account for their various actions on the environmental aspects. The present century is about building sustainable environments, disrupting traditional economic models, using efficient technologies, and implementing various wellness measures.

Keeping in view of the above, GXI Group has also started making various changes in the office fit out London. Following are a few new trends in the office set up.

  1. Shrinking workstation

People were working earlier within a workstation with a space of 8 feet X 8 feet, or 8 feet X 10 feet, but now it has been reduced to a size of 6 feet X 6 feet.

2. Sustainability

Now office spaces/environment allow more contact with natural views, more natural light, and incorporating more and more natural materials.

3. No high partitions

Partitions used earlier are either junked completely, or the height of the partition is being lowered so that more employee interaction can take place.

4. Smart spaces

In response to various economic changes, companies have to scale up or down quickly. Also, employees will like to have a little more control over the space that they occupy.

5. Technology & innovation

Technology is enabling more remote working and also by remaining in contact everywhere. Work now has become a primary source of social engagement. Work from a home culture has become a norm these days particularly after COVID-19.

6. Managing noise and privacy

To offer quiet and privacy, enclosed spaces are provided to an employee for using mobile phones to take sensitive/lengthy phone calls.

7. Health, wellness and well-being

Both small and also large companies are understanding the importance of healthier and sustainable environment for working and focusing on the improvement of employees’ physical as well as mental wellbeing.

8. More team rooms rather than conference rooms

These days, most companies do not have any right type of rooms for conferences and instead of having that wasted space, they are offering team rooms of different capacities for each group of different sizes.

9. More common areas for serving clients

For workplace efficiency, it is very important to determine the optimal placement and also the size of the common areas. Many companies are now encouraging their employees to use very fewer paper documents and offering just one multifunction fax/printer/copier machine per floor.