How Does an Imaging Software Different from A Backup Software?

Several ways are used in organizations to take data backup. The two widely used backup methods are backup software and disk imaging software. Each of these methods provides its own set of features, benefits, and drawbacks to the user. This article will discuss both of these backup methods to help decide the right protection from data loss for your business.

Terabyte drive image backup is the tool that helps create images of important data. It is a highly beneficial software product that helps create a disk image to keep your valuable data in the form of pictures, documents and videos secure.

Using a Backup software

Backup software is straightforward and convenient to use. One can schedule a backup to copy all the data contained in the hard drive at a set time. This will ensure that no data gets lost on the computer.

Backup software is useful when you have several work projects, documents that you have written, or financial records present on the computer. A backup software enables you to backup specific files. However, it doesn’t keep the organization and layout of the content intact.

Using an Imaging software

So, we have seen that the backup software is useful when you have to copy the work that you create daily or data present on the system. Imaging software, on the other hand, is also a type of backup wherein a snapshot of the hard drive is taken to restore the image to either a new or the same drive.

The image of the drive can be compressed for saving space but the process of compression increases the duration of the overall process. It is safer to store the image of the disk drive to a different location other than the source drive. This is beneficial if in case any catastrophic failure happens on the source drive.

What is the advantage of disk imaging over backup software?

The disk imaging software captures the image of the complete hard drive. This implies that all your content gets restored at the places where it was before the user had to restore it.

A majority of the market today enables the restoration of everything, without any need to reinstall any of the old software programs. This is the very important benefit of using imaging software that is not provided by backup software.

Furthermore, disk imaging software provides incremental backup to the disk image. As daily updates to the disk image are made, a user can go back and get the file even when drastic changes are made and saved over it.

When using backup software, one can only go back to the point where the last backup was created. This lets you have the capabilities of choosing from several different restoration points, for different partitions or files or entire hard drive.


Compared to backup software, disk imaging software are more complex and needs more time to understand their operation and do the job. Fortunately, there are several good imaging software solutions available that provide an easy step-by-step process to create a disk image of the hard drive in a few minutes. Considering the features that disk imaging software offers, it is viewed to be more efficient than backup software.