Expert Električar Zagreb Explains Why Your Electricity Bill Is Going So High?

You must have often observed that your electricity bill has suddenly shot up, although you are not using any extra appliances. Under such circumstances, you may tend to think perhaps your neighbour’s bill has been exchanged with you, or there must be something wrong with your electricity supply provider.

However, the fact is neither of them is true. There are a few more reasons for such sudden increase in the electricity bill. If you discuss with any električar Zagreb that means in English is an electrician in Zagreb, then you can come to know about many other reasons for your high electricity bill that might even surprise you.

Let us try to know, what are the other reasons your electricity bill has suddenly increased beyond your expectation?

  • You must be running your electric furnace

When the winter season is at its peak then you may tend to overuse your electrical furnaces a little extra to keep your home comfortable.

  • Your refrigerator is getting old

If your refrigerator is too old then its sealing may wear out and even the compressor and motors may start drawing a little extra current.

  • Your water heater temperature must have been set to very high

Quite possible some of your family members must have set the water temperature setting at a much high temperature.

  • You must be using your dryer very frequently

When the weather becomes too damp then your clothes may not get dry too soon and suddenly your dryer use may increase.

  • Certain appliances must be faulty

Some of your old appliances may start drawing more amount of current than before and you are not aware of that.

  • You must be overusing certain appliance

Knowingly or unknowingly the use of certain electrical appliances must have increased suddenly and you never must have noticed that.

  • Hot water pipe must be leaking

In case your hot water pipeline has any leakage then your heater will work extra to maintain the set temperature of the hot water supply.

  • Insulation your home must be poor

If the insulation of your home is poor then it will put extra pressure on your HVAC system for maintaining the temperature inside the home.

  • Certain defects in your electrical wiring

Due to certain internal wiring problems also your load may increase which results in higher electricity consumption.

  • The circuit breaker must be short

Often a certain short circuit may occur and as a result, it may draw a high current unnecessarily and may increase your electricity bill.

  • Your door or window must be having a gap

If there is a certain gap in your window or door then there will be air leakage and hence your AC or electrical furnace will work extra to main the temperature.

You need to check from time to time that you are not making unnecessary use of any electrical appliances unknowingly. You need to do auditing whenever you notice the sudden rise of the electricity bill without any reason.