Eyebrow Piercing: What All You Need To Know

The beauty of eyebrow piercings is that they can be worn in a variety of styles. It’s a piercing that is timeless and will return to fashion in a few months.

It is very popular with both men and ladies, and it is considered a fashion statement. 

What Is A Eyebrow Piercing?

A piercing of the eyebrow occurs along the eyebrow. The eyebrow piercing is technically a surface procedure because it is perpendicularly positioned to the skin. It also has an exit and entry point. This makes it more vulnerable to piercing rejection. To minimize this risk, you should find a trusted piercer who can properly perform the piercing.

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Do Eyebrow Hut

The pain level for eyebrow piercings is generally lower than those of other piercings. Although you will feel some pinching and pressure, it should not be unbearable.

Your eyebrow piercing may cause you more discomfort than other types of piercings. You don’t need to worry about this; it should resolve on its own. You can encourage healing by avoiding blood thinners and using a cold compress. Get plenty of rest.

If you have any of these symptoms, don’t panic and consult a doctor.

Eyebrow Piercing Healing Times

It takes about 2 – 3-months for eyebrow piercings to heal. It is important to not change or move any jewelry while the healing process takes place. You should not move the jewelry in this area as it can cause scarring, rejection, and even permanent damage.

Aftercare Guidelines For Eyebrow Piercing

While your eyebrow piercing heals, you need to follow standard aftercare practices. Cleanse your eyebrows with a piercing saline solution 2-3 times per day according to your piercer. You need to be extra careful with the healing process due to the fragile skin around your eyebrows. Eyebrow piercing jewelry may be subject to migration and rejection. Jewelry rejection will occur if you are too careless with your jewelry.

Here Are Some Ways To Heal An Eyebrow Piercing.

Do not wax your eyebrows while healing. During healing, it is important to keep all foreign substances from the piercing. You can trim the eyebrows if your eyebrows are swollen. You might be told by some that you can wax, as long as the wax doesn’t get in the way of the piercing area. But we think it’s best to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to delicate piercings.

Avoid using makeup or face wash. You should never allow any other aftercare products to come in contact with your new piercing. This includes makeup and face wash. Although this may be challenging, it is necessary. Chemicals in these products can irritate skin and cause scarring.

Take care with your bangs. Bangs can get in your way of piercing. You should be careful if you cut them while you are having your eyebrows pierced. Also, let them grow a bit to allow you to pull them out. Your hair could introduce bacteria to the area, or it might catch the jewelry and cause damage to the piercing site.

Use precious metals as your eyebrow jewelry. Jewelry rejection and migration are major problems with eyebrow piercings. Although many factors contribute to this issue, your body will reject cheaper metals. 

You should not move the jewelry. The skin can be irritated by moving the jewelry about. For work, or other less formal events, you might feel tempted to cover your eyebrow piercing. It is almost impossible to do this during healing.

Bandaging a healing eyebrow piercing can put pressure on the jewels, which could lead to them being rejected. The jewelry could cause damage to the piercing and make it difficult to replace. You can purchase piercing keepers to give your piercing a subtler look. But if you want to have eyebrow piercings done, you should be willing to show it off.

Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

The needle is typically used to pierce the eyebrows. A lightweight curved barbell is best for initial jewelry. The curved barbell won’t pull at your piercing as a hoop might. This reduces the risk of embedded jewels, migration, or any other issues during healing.

After healing, you have the option of keeping the curved bell or going with a hoop style like a seamless ring, or a captive bead ring. You will need to heal with a larger piece, but once you have healed, you can opt for smaller pieces for a flusher fit. Make sure that the jewelry is not pulling against the piercing holes.

You may find it difficult to alter the jewelry because the eyebrow piercing has separate exit and entry points. You should not force the jewelry in and risk damaging the piercing. Instead, have a piercer change your jewelry. They will also be able to show you how to change the jewelry yourself.