A Step by Step Instructions for Unclogging the Drains from Galvanized Pipes

We all know that as our house grows older, we must be more conscious about its repairing and maintenance. The most difficult task of maintenance is plumbing works. If you do not know the exact design of plumbing pipes of your home, you may end up causing unnecessary damages and scratches to your walls. This may also lead to leakage and bursting of pipes.

The galvanized pipes are steel pipes with an outer coating of zinc to prevent it from rust and corrosion. But over time, the inside of pipe may corrode and rusty. This will cause water blockage and, rusty and contaminated water. So, it is important to keep cleaning them at a regular interval.

Easy ways of removing the blockage in the galvanized pipes using manual methods

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Initially, you should first drain out the water from the washbasin or toilet using an old container. Also remove the stopper from the washbasin or toilet to get proper access of the drain. You should pour a bucket of hot water in the sink or toilet to entirely fill the blocked pipe. This will submerge into the material blocking your drainage system and helps plunger to work efficiently.

You can use a cup plunger for washbasin and a ball plunger for toilet unclogging. You should steadily stir the drain in the opening of washbasin and toilet till the blockage is clear. The high force of water, running through the opening, will push the blockage out of the galvanized pipe. Once the water flushes out normally, you drain clogs are cleared.

How to wisely use drain cleaner chemicals for unclogging galvanized pipes?

Remember, highly acidic chemicals can cause damage to your galvanized pipes. You can use baking soda and vinegar from your kitchen for cleaning normal drain clogging. If the clogging is excess, then use a factory-made chemical which contains caustic soda or bauxite as main ingredients.

You should pour the chemical in the drain and flush the hot water for 10-15 minutes continuously till the blockage is clear. You should flush the washbasin and toilet for several times to drain the chemical out of the galvanized pipes.

You can also use a plumber snake or a hydro jetting method to clear the drain. However, it is always a good and ideal idea to hire a professional plumber for unclogging galvanized pipes. These pipes are very delicate, and the unclogging process should be done with immense care to avoid damage.