5 Amazing Ways To Relax When Living In The Busy D.C. Area

When you live in the D.C. area, you are treated to an incredible lifestyle where you can take part in the hustle and bustle of city living. For many people, that’s a huge draw for living here in D.C., as that’s what gives them energy and really motivates them. While there’s nothing wrong with a busy and packed lifestyle, there are times where it’s also nice to relax and unwind and maybe take a step back from the everyday craziness.

If you’re looking for ways to relax while living in D.C., we’ve got just the list for you.

Take Up Yoga

The Washington D.C. area is absolutely teeming with yoga studios that are just begging for you to come out and give them a try. Yoga is something you can do on your own and once you learn the basics in a class, you can then practice it at home and even when traveling. Yoga relaxes both the mind and body at the same time, helping you find a sense of peacefulness that can be hard to come by in daily life.

Explore Rock Creek Park

How about getting a little outdoors time? There is no better place to do that then Rock Creek Park, which is DC’s biggest natural national park. The park was originally founded in 1890 and offers a number of biking and walking trails, as well as plenty of quiet pockets that are perfect for a picnic. The park is enjoyable any time of year, but it’s fall that is especially pretty since you’ll get to see the leaves changing color.

Get Your Fill of Museums

If you’re looking for more of an educational way to relax, then you can take in the many museums surrounding the DC area. Notable museums include the National Museum of Natural History, the National Air & Space Museum, National Gallery of Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the National Archive & Record Administration.

Dine Your Way Around DC

Sometimes it’s fun to step out of your life as a local and see things from a tourist’s perspective instead. Why not make it your mission to dine your way through DC, finding hidden gems that can become your new favorite spot?

Indulge in Some Binge TV Watching

There’s nothing wrong with a little binge TV watching now and then. It’s a great way to catch up on episodes of your favorite shows or you can discover brand new favorites. Netflix is the ultimate tool for binge-watching and you can find out when the latest episodes will be uploaded and what’s available by visiting Just grab your favorite snacks and drinks, get comfy in a jogging suit, and relax on the couch for a little downtime.

Taking Breaks Will Keep You Energized

Just remember that by taking breaks and reminding yourself to relax once in a while, you’ll find that you are that much more energized and ready to take on your day.


Why You Need Astrology Consultation In India?

We are in the 21st century where we talk about new inventions, technology, and science. In that scenario, do you really think astrology is important? Many of us do not believe in planets, stars, etc. But, it is relevant to the present conditions. This is an ancient way to know the past, present and future live. Yes, it is true! It is an amazing way to forecast future events. It can also be used in predicting upcoming mishaps. In fact, through astrology, one can plan his future by keeping its planetary positions in mind.

Astrology- what exactly it is?

It is nothing, but a study of planetary position. By using this concept, you can gather information about your past as well as future life. Astrology plays an important role when it comes to marriage, career, health and finance. Not just common people, but numerous famous faces follow astrology in India.

When it comes to the meaning of astrology, it is derived from two different words. Astra, which means star and logy and it means logic.Getting

Astrology Consultation in India is not very much difficult because there are many famous and best astrologer available in our country. In simple words, astrology is a study of planet and star’s movement where experts analyze the impact in our day-to-day lives.

Is astrology a science or not?

When it comes to astrology and astrologers In India, then different people have different viewpoints. many people claim that astrology is a science of time. according to astrology, each moment has a meaning, importance, and quality. This is the reason that we count minutes and seconds when a child born.It is even more important when we make the birth chart. In this chart, the combination of different planets and stars describes the different situations of life including physical and mental abilities, marriage, profession, etc. If you also want to know about your life, then you can take online astrology consultationas well.

What planet and star movement says?

When you consult with any famous astrologer in India, they will tell you about the importance and impact of these planetary movements. These different movements affect our emotions and minds. And the most notable thing is that we do not even realize this.

To know the effects of these planets, we can take help any famous astrologer in India. He or she can compare everything by analyzing your birth chart. Through their help, you can get to know how a planet or star can influence our lives. The position of our planets and stars can determine our reactions as well. astrologers In India also provide a reasonable explanation of the impact of the stars and planets in our lives.

Astrology- why it is so important?

When have you questions like ‘why is this happen to me? Why am I doing this? What I should do now?’ etc. etc. That time, astrology is the greatest way to find answers to all these questions. If you have such questions, you can get in touch with an astrologer in Delhi NCR or anywhere in India.

astrology can help us to understand how easily we can make our life more meaningful. It also helps us during the bad phase as well.So, whenever you feel difficulties in your life, never forget to take astrology consultation in India from a professional.


What Is Artesano Provençal Verdure Porcelain?

Porcelain tableware has long been prized for its stunning beauty, elegant simplicity and the delicate nature of the items themselves; it offers the perfect sophisticated touch to your dining room for any diner party.

The Artesano Provençal Verdure collection, the first range of decorated dinnerware to feature the Artesano shape in the Villeroy and Boch tableware collection takes this one step further. This stunning range that has been designed by Isabelle de Borchgrave, the renowned Belgian artist, features a hand-painted floral design that it simply beautiful. This delicate hand painted design truly captures the romantic essence of the countryside at its finest.

Each item in the collection features a fresh collection of bright florals painted onto crisp clean white porcelain and framed by a rustic motif. This is contemporary country style at its finest, with all the unique touches that help to bring together the French and German roots of the company. Delicate wild roses and buds in perfect violet shades, Geranium flowers in perfect bold shades of red and orange, and wispy tendrils of delicate rosemary green intertwined between them all sitting in perfect harmony together create the range of Artesano Provençal Verdure Porcelain that is sure to be a huge hit with everyone.

The style of design used for this collection is very evocative of the Provencal region and will add a real touch of French charm to any table.

Stylish Table

Whether you are planning a casual dinner party for friends or a big sit-down family meal the Artesano Provençal Verdure Porcelain collection is the ideal choice of tableware, and with every item in the range both suitable for use it the microwave or dishwasher then it is very practical as well.

The collection includes a good selection of different plates from salad plates to side plates. There are two different designs of dinner plates in the range – one carrying the same floral design, and one with a much simpler contrasting border pattern. There is also a good selection of deep and pasta plates and bowls for every occasion and any course that you plan on serving. There is even a rather lovely dips bowl and a salad bowl in the collection; all of which of course complement each other perfectly.

Careful consideration has also been given to how you might serve your food as well with a selection of perfectly sized serving dishes, both small and large, and those all-important baking dishes allowing you to bring food straight from the oven to the table for added efficiency.

The set is completed with the addition of table runners and mats which are made of cotton and carry the same stunning pattern as all the porcelain items in the range. Whether you prefer to serve coffee, tea or espresso at the end of a meal the collection contains a variety of cups and matching saucers to bring your meal to a perfect end.

A Popular Choice

For those people who want tableware that is a little bit more eye catching than classic plain crockery then this set is the perfect compromise. The delicate pattern is the perfect contrast to the fine porcelain and each item in the collection offers a pattern that is suitably different to the last, yet all perfectly matching to create a stunning dining experience.


Hit and Run: 4 Essential Things To Do After A Car Accident

A car accident can be extremely stressful and traumatic and if it happens to be a hit and run incident then it becomes even more painful. The emotions are very intense, a lot of things are happening in your mind and the injuries sustained could be severe. But, a few things are necessary to be done as soon as an accident occurs. You must consult a car accident lawyer to be guided properly, as they are well versed with the rules and provisions to get you justice and fair compensation.

The four essential things you need to do as soon as you are involved in a hit and run car accident are explained below to help you.

Information About the Other Vehicle

You must try and get as much information as possible about the car, driver and how the accident occurred

  • The Registration number of the other vehicle.
  • The color, make and model of the other vehicle.
  • The damage sustained by the other vehicle.
  • Details/photograph of any components like the bumper of the other vehicle which are available at the spot of the accident.
  • The direction that the vehicle went after the accident.
  • Photos of your car where the damage has occurred.
  • The place, time and reason of the accident.

Call the Police and Inform your Insurance Company

If the damages are significant, the injuries are severe or death has occurred, you must call the police. Never leave the accident spot till it is pertinent. You must ask for a police report to be filed when the police arrive and collect the badge details of the police officers for your future reference and follow up.

Next, you have to inform your insurance company about the details of the accident, explain the facts to them clearly. You should cooperate and be honest with them about the damages and injuries sustained.

If the insurance company finds out that you have lied to them, they may cause serious problems for you and even deny coverage. You must also collect a copy of the police report to substantiate the facts.

Collect Information

Get the details of the people present at the accident scene. Their names, contact number, and addresses. Be polite and cordial but careful about what you speak, it could be a disadvantage if you are apologizing for the accident.

Hire an Attorney

You must consult an experienced car accident lawyer explain the incident clearly. You must also give him complete details of the damages and injuries sustained. He will be able to guide you and help you get the maximum benefit or be able to defend you better in case it is your fault.


If you are involved in a car accident and the other vehicle goes away without stopping, you are at an advantage irrespective of the fact as to whether you were at fault or not. Hit and run are considered as a supplemental crime in most cases. Collect all relevant information as explained above and inform the police as well as Insurance Company. You must then consult an experienced car accident lawyer and hire them to file for claims or defend you as the case may be.

Home Improvement

Top Aspects To Consider While Hiring Lawn Care Services

Choosing the best lawn care services to keep your lawn healthy and lush green is as crucial as choosing any other service to help you take care of your house. Lawn care is crucial to keeping your home beautiful; as anyone who visits your house will first see your lawn and will figure out if you are caring for your lawn properly or not. Whether you just have a front yard, only backyard lawn, or both of them, professional lawn care services will provide you with the best possible care for your lawn on your own terms. While choosing the best lawn care services, make sure to consider these vital aspects: reputation, price, and customer services.

Get Lawn Care Services At The Best Value

Different Lawn Care Companies charge different rates. Some of these perhaps are expensive, whereas others may be amazingly cheap. If you find a rate too costly, that provider perhaps not be the best option for you and your pocket. If, however, the rate a lawn care company charges seems too cheap, it could be because the service quality that the service offers is just worth the amount of money they charge- which is not much. Make sure you research the different rates available the lawn care companies offer in your area and pick the one that is not too costly but also is not very cheap as well. This way, you are very much likely to hire professionals who would help make your lawn appear amazingly beautiful.

Good Reputation

It is always recommended to hire services of a lawn care company that has a sound reputation in the market, whether you require landscaping or lawn mowing for your home.  Look for services you are considering on a review site over the Web, and see what past clients have stated about their experience with the particular service. If you have family, friends, or colleagues who have hired a lawn care company, inquire them which service did they choose and why.

Exceptional Customer Support

Last but not the least, make sure the lawn company you opt for offers superior customer services. This means that the company will have representatives available 24/7 to answer your queries when you call to figure out more about the service. A professional lawn care service will send someone over to your house to inspect your lawn and talk with you about the kind of lawn companies you are looking for and want. Any great service will go above and beyond to delight their clients.


How To Achieve Straight Teeth Without Traditional Braces

A beautiful smile with straight teeth is a dream a lot of people have. Fortunately, traditional “train track” braces are not your only option. Traditional braces can be bulky and often used for teenagers, but they don’t tend to be as appealing to adults. Luckily there is another way you can achieve straight teeth without all that metal, and the solution is clear braces in Dublin, or indeed, wherever in the world you are!. Clear braces provide adults and teenagers alike with an easier and faster way to straighten teeth, and no one will even know you have braces!

What are clear braces?

Similar to traditional braces, when a small amount of pressure is applied to your teeth they will move naturally in the direction that the pressure is being applied.

Clear braces are made out of a strong clear plastic material and look like a retainer. They slot on to your teeth and are almost invisible.

When you have clear braces you will have a set of clear aligners throughout the course of your treatment. When the teeth move under the pressure it will eventually reach a certain point and the pressure will reduce, then it is time to replace the aligner. This will then carry on pushing the teeth into the correct position then you’ll start again with a new set of aligners.

At the start of your treatment, you will be provided with two or three aligners and you will have to pop back in to see your dentist for a check-up after these are complete.

Each aligner will last around 2 weeks. Treatment in total depends on your teeth but you will usually start to see an improvement in the first few months.

Advantages to clear braces

An obvious advantage to clear braces is that they’re a lot more discreet than traditional braces which makes them appealing and well suited to adults who may be uncomfortable with people being able to see their aligners. Patients can continue to maintain a professional and neat look for work. Because they are less noticeable clear braces users are able to smile with confidence even when they have aligners in.

As you are able to take them out to eat and drink you don’t need to limit your food choices like you would with traditional braces. Because of this, there tend to be fewer breakages which in turn means a quicker treatment time and no waiting for your braces to be fixed.

They can also be quicker to change your smile than traditional braces. As you are changing your aligner more frequently, rather than being tightened every six to 8 weeks when you have train track braces.

You are also able to see and show off your results sooner. The clear aligners will allow you to show off your increasingly straight smile throughout the process.

They are better if you play a contact sport. It is always advisory to wear a gum shield whilst playing any contact sport but when you have fixed braces this can increase the risk of injury. Always ask your dentist about whether you should wear your aligner whilst playing a sport.

The cost varies but most places will offer a finance plan that will make it easier and more manageable for you to pay.

Are clear braces the right choice for me?

Clear braces aren’t for everyone including more complex orthodontic cases such as treating an overbite. Metal braces are required for extensive treatments. It’s best to talk to your dentist to see if you would be applicable for clear braces.

Clear braces are a great way to achieve straight teeth for a cheaper price than you might think. So if you’re looking for a way to straighten your teeth without the need for visible braces, why not look into getting a clear set?


How To Buy DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund Online?

So you are about to invest in DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund studded with a host of equity, debt and hybrid schemes to meet your specific financial goals. Each scheme can have a distinct investment objective and so the asset allocation strategy can change given the prevailing circumstances. Yes, the equity funds would predominantly invest in stocks.

But the proportion of investment or say the sectoral diversification may undergo a change from time to time. And similar work methodology applies to other schemes as well. You can subscribe to mutual fund schemes either online or offline. Going online, though, will be much more convenient at a time when hectic professional life don’t allow you to move out of your office within the working hours. So, come and transact DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund Online.

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund Login

You would need to login with your User ID and password to buy the schemes. If you do not have such credentials, you then need to create your account online by entering PAN and Date of Birth. Before doing all that, you need to visit the official website of DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund and then navigate to Investor Center tab. Within it, you can find ‘Sign in to transact’ to click on. So, click and buy your favourite DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund Schemes.

DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund Statement

Giving a close look at the statement can only make you informed of where your investments stand. The statement will update you on the number of units your investments, made via an SIP or a lump sum, have purchased, along with the investment value at a given point of time. It will also show the net asset value at which the MF units got purchased. So, you have got an idea of how important a mutual fund statement can be.

How will you access DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund Statement Online? The answer is simple, visit the official website of DSP BlackRock MF, get to Investor Center and click on ‘Account Statement’ to find a detail of your mutual fund transactions.

Top-performing DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund Schemes

After gaining insights on online transaction and account statement, it’s time to glance at some of the top-performing schemes that DSP BlackRock Mutual Fund has. Are you ready then to check out those? Then, screen through the following options.

Invest in These DSP BlackRock Equity Mutual Funds

Ideally suited for long-term goals, these funds invest mainly in equities that have the potential to generate higher returns for the investors.

DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity Fund

  • Inception Date – March 10, 2003
  • Investment Objective – Capital Appreciation
  • Portfolio Composition – Equity and equity-related securities of top 10 corporates
  • Return Since Inception – 22.36%
  • 1-year Return – 19.04%
  • 3-year Return – 7.77%
  • AUM – ₹3,486.90 Cr
  • NAV – ₹194.07
  • Risk – Moderately High
  • Expense Ratio – 2.31%
  • Minimum Investment – ₹1000 for Lumpsum

DSP BlackRock Equity Fund

  • Inception Date – April 29, 1997
  • Investment Objective – Capital Appreciation
  • Portfolio Composition – Equity and equity-related securities with a few in debt & money-market instruments
  • Return Since Inception – 20.62%
  • 1-year Return – 28.95%
  • 3-year Return – 11.21%
  • AUM – ₹2,514.39 Cr
  • NAV – ₹36.83
  • Risk – Moderately High
  • Expense Ratio – 2.39%
  • Minimum Investment – ₹1000 for Lumpsum

DSP BlackRock Opportunities Fund

  • Inception Date – May 16, 2000
  • Investment Objective – Capital Appreciation
  • Portfolio Composition – Equity and equity-related securities
  • Return Since Inception – 19.26%
  • 1-year Return – 31.23%
  • 3-year Return – 16.15%
  • AUM – ₹3,961.62 Cr
  • NAV – ₹218.81
  • Risk – Moderately High
  • Expense Ratio – 2.50%
  • Minimum Investment – ₹1000 for Lumpsum

Seeking Regular Income? These DSP BlackRock Debt MFs Can be the Top Bets for You!

If you are seeking a regular flow of income, you should then invest in the following debt mutual fund schemes that keep your money in debt and money-market instruments to serve your very purpose.

DSP BlackRock Constant Maturity 10Y G-Sec Fund

  • Inception Date – September 26, 2014
  • Investment Objective – Income Generation
  • Portfolio Composition – Government securities with a weighted average maturity of around 10 years
  • Return Since Inception – 9.97%
  • 1-year Return – 3.45%
  • 3-year Return – 9.37%
  • AUM – ₹135.94 Cr
  • NAV – ₹13.48
  • Risk – Moderate
  • Expense Ratio – 0.49%
  • Minimum Investment – ₹1000 for Lumpsum

DSP BlackRock Government Securities Fund

  • Inception Date – September 30, 1999
  • Investment Objective – Income Generation
  • Portfolio Composition – Government securities with a weighted average maturity of 1-30 years
  • Return Since Inception – 9.83%
  • 1-year Return – 2.65%
  • 3-year Return – 9.27%
  • AUM – ₹436.96 Cr
  • NAV – ₹54.76
  • Risk – Moderate
  • Expense Ratio – 1.39%
  • Minimum Investment – ₹1000 for Lumpsum

DSP BlackRock Banking and PSU Debt Fund

  • Inception Date – September 14, 2013
  • Investment Objective – Income Generation
  • Portfolio Composition – Debt & money-market instruments issued by banks and public sector undertakings
  • Return Since Inception – 9.21%
  • 1-year Return – 5.45%
  • 3-year Return – 8.61%
  • AUM – ₹1,908.94 Cr
  • NAV – ₹14.45
  • Risk – Moderate
  • Expense Ratio – 0.49%
  • Minimum Investment – ₹1000 for Lumpsum

Disclaimer – Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.


Traditional Toys- Re-live Your Memories

Scientists have proved that playing with toys is not only good for health but it is one of the basic needs for the psychological development and stimulating child’s imagination. There is huge difference between the toys we used to play and the toys are being played by today’s children. Traditional toys have their own importance and this is the reason that still you can see many traditional toys in market.

Today, you must have noticed that in child’s room there are lots of toys that they are not able to decide with which toy, they should play and in this way they are not able to take complete advantage of a particular toy.

 Toys Develop Mindset

Traditional toys play a vital role in establishing a well developed mindset with giving funny and unique experiences. Through playing with toys the child can experience the world around him.

 Accelerates Physical And Psychological Development

Playing with outdoor games keep children physically fit as well as it makes them independent and more responsive consequently they become a good individual who can perform their all responsibilities efficiently.

 Avoiding Playing Can Threaten Blooming Personality Of A Child

Many researches have proved that a child who does not play, lack in responding, faces difficulty in solving basic questions and remains reserved, which greatly effects his overall personality and impact his future as well.

 Be Careful While Choosing Toys

Choosing toys is not as simple as it seems, before choosing any toy, first consider his age group, according to age, choose such toy which entitles to give opportunity to child to do something creative and thoughtful.

 Enter The World Of Toys

We have a wide range of traditional toys and classic toys which never become obsolete and we cover almost all kind of toys ranging from wooden to all sorts of toys and games.

  •         Soft toys
  •         craft toys
  •         activity toys
  •         outdoor toys
  •         indoor toys
  •         action toys
  •         wooden toys
  •         And many more.

Both types of toys are important whether it is indoor or outdoor as both activities are equally important for physical growth and mental growth.

We have toys that will make you to relive your past memories and will create wonderful memories for future as well.

Our traditional toys shop is full of adventurous and creative toys, which can refresh your thoughts and can groom your imagination.

Our experts have built the toys in this way that it could keep the child learning and entertaining and could create such amazing memories that remain in his mind forever.


4 Things To Do Before Launching New Product

Time has changed so do the technology and way of doing things. People all over the globe introduced to the digital market that changed the perspective of people or customer the way it was. Nowadays, it isn’t an easy task to launch a product, it can be hectic as well as if you do not plan well then things can get pretty bad for the company.

A product launch is one of the biggest mistake that a marketer can do in context to its business. The risk is real and burden is heavy, most of the companies especially new startups don’t even have engineer, marketing experts, designers, research development team to do the job.

There are things that are crucial and needs to get organised properly. 4 things to do here before you go outside to launch a product :-

1.Conduct in-depth research on target audience

The research about target customers is essential to provide benefit to both the product as well as to the customer. The conducted research should bring answers of the questions such as :-

  1. Who are they : gather details about their financial status, age, gender, sex, educational qualification e.t.c
  2. What are their expectations : supply the demand, seek out what they want exactly and how much they are willing to pay for the product?
  3. What brand they buy : it is important to know what brand they are currently buying? How much it cost them? And specific reason of buying the particular brand?

2.Plan your promotion strategy

Once, you’re done with gathering information about the target consumer. Start planning your promotional strategy, the more effective you plan more chances of your launch to become success. Start posting on your social media page about the product, tease them, write blogs or content which consist of product details. Giveaway free coupons or discount, provide people with free samples of your product. Etc.

3.Once out don’t expect big release

The big release only happens for big companies like apple or microsoft if you are in these then you can otherwise just don’t get panic. You don’t know when the reporters or other pages will get the time to write for you so, wait and just keep the release go on like that. Once everyone done with your product work then come to further step. Till then, keep your social media account and website updated regularly by something.

4.Post launch strategy

It is not like, once you launched the product you are done and flight has taken off. Plan post launch strategy to keep the momentum go on for a certain period of time, in order to make the product familiar. Engage with your customer, solve their queries, issues and get feedback from them to fix product problem at earlier stages only.

Product launch is a pretty much difficult job perform but this not need to be taken to head as a pain or a problem. Everyone just needs to hit the right strategy to accomplish the goal. If you do not have any expertise to guide you or a staff to help. then you have an option to hire “social media management company”. These are professionals and have experience of handling the situations even those that occurs all of sudden. Assisting is crucial to make effective strategy.


6 Tips For Creating The Ideal Home For Entertaining

Entertaining in the home can be a very stressful and difficult event for a lot of people. Even though many home owners may want to have friends and family over to their space, they might be afraid that they will not be prepared to take on this kind of event.

Even though it can be intimidating, there are some ways to prepare for any home event. One of the best methods is to create the best home as the base for every party. Anyone can use these tricks to ready their space. Here are six tips for creating the ideal home for entertaining.

Get Set up with Easy to Use Services

There are a lot of services in the home that can make entertaining guests during a party a lot easier. Some of these things include TV and internet services. Everyone can find the best services to start with that will not only keep people happy, but will also impress them. Home owners can look at DirecTV vs. the competitors to see what service will best fit their needs.

Choose a Home with the Best Features

For people who are looking to start from scratch, buying a new home or remodeling their current home, it is important to look for the defining features that really make any house ideal for entertaining. Some of these features usually include an open floor plan and a kitchen with an island. Everyone can search for these items in order to decide on the best option.

Create a Kitchen that can really Cook

Food and drinks are a foundational part of any party or event. It is essential, then, to have a kitchen that is ready to take on the challenge of cooking for a big group of people. This usually means that the kitchen is designed in the shape of a triangle, it has an island, and there is extra counter, stove and oven space for big orders.

Design the Best Arrangement for Common Rooms

The common rooms in the home that guests usually visit are the living or family rooms, the dining room or kitchen, and the main floor bathroom. It is crucial to find the perfect layout for each of these rooms to maximize space and improve the flow of the room. Think about how people will walk through each room and plan the furniture arrangements accordingly.

Stock the Bar

Having a bar is a great addition to any party. Hosts can plan our drink options for kids and adults and make sure everyone has easy access to the option that they want. Create a bar from extra counter space or a furniture addition and use glassware and additions like fresh fruit and other garnishes that will add the perfect extra touch to any drink.

Clean from Top to Bottom

Many hosts make the mistake of only doing a general cleaning through the main rooms. Even though this may be enough, it is important to clean as much as possible of every room to make sure guests are impressed wherever they go in the home.