Understanding The Professional Achievement Of Scott Beale Aviation

Scott Beale has several years of experience in the aviation and aerospace industry and is working as Senior Vice President of Sales. Scott is trained in operations management, negotiation, customer service, management, as well as strategic planning. He also has a strong business development professional skill with a Bachelors degree which is focused in Business Administration and Management from Ohio State University.

About Scott Beale Aviation

Scott Beale since the year 2007 has been serving as the member of the Board of Directors for the National Air Transportation Association Air Charter and Safety. He has in fact held a number of executive positions in several aviation firms. At present, Scott Beale Aviation has been working as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Corporate Development at Tempus Applied Solutions. Earlier he has been working as the President and CEO of Aerodynamics Incorporated where he piloted the three hundred percent increase of the revenue of the company.

As far as his education qualification is concerned, Scott has obtained the Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management from The Ohio State University. After this, he started with his professional career with FlightWorks as the Chief Executive officer and founder.  FlightWorks has been based out of Atlanta, Georgia and he has been associated with the company for almost nine years. Post this, Scott Beale Aviation joined Aerodynamics Inc. as the CEO and he served the company for almost four years.

After leaving Aerodynamics Inc., he has joined Tempus Applied Solutions where he is still working as SVP sales and corporate development. He has great expertise in aviation, management and strategic planning and has knowledge about business strategy and development, operations management etc. Moreover, he has outstanding interpersonal skills such as leadership qualities, customer service and negotiation skills.

Scott Beale continues to clock in hours in aircraft education and training and is affiliated with a number of aviation and non-aviation associations such as the National Air Transportation Association Air Charter Safety. He has been associates as a member of the board of directors here since the year 2007 till 2010 and served as an executive board member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity from the year 1991 to 1995.

Being an outstanding business entrepreneur, developer, and aviation professional, Scott Beale is leads Tempus Applied Solution’s strategic planning and multimillion-dollar contract management and has engaged in top level set initiatives infrastructure design, business integration, reorganization, culture change for the company, and process re-engineering.

With more than two decades in the aviation industry, Scott Beale has been quite successful when it comes to developing, establishing, managing and owning businesses which may include many facets of operations such as partner and customer relations, sales and marketing, business, accounting and brand development, as well as human capital management.  His excellence in tactical and strategic planning, financial reporting, account development and acquisition, budget management, regulatory compliance, contract negotiations, operational execution, sales team training and supervision, and customer and partner relations have helped him become one of the most successful individuals.


5 Important Tips For Purchasing A Classic Or Used Porsche

There is just one car in the world which value doesn’t depreciate even in its old state. It is the classic porsche. Unlike the conventional vehicles you see out there, the older a porsche gets, the more value it commands. Most old school folks consider it a rope-a-dope kind of vehicle to cruise around with. So if you are considering purchasing one, it is not a bad idea at all as much as it is worth what you will be cashing on it. But beforehand, here are few things to do:

Do some inspection before payment

A porsche may look pretty nice and ok on the outside or even sound great when it is started, but from the inside, it may not be mechanical ok. The mechanical system of such vehicle will crash completely within a couple of years.

Hence, beforehand do some check on the vehicle you are going to put your hard earned cash on to make sure it is safe and sound. If you are not quite familiar with car technology or specifically porsche technology, consider getting a mechanic to help with inspection. The parts of concerns are the engine, the transmission and braking system. Make certain, that the major parts or the perform parts are worth your cash. And most importantly, don’t be deceived by physical look.

Locate a porsche mechanic

Before purchasing a porsche, find a mechanic within your locality that will handle all mechanical maintenance, part upgrades and repairs. All porsche maintenance experts are mechanics but not all mechanics are porsche maintenance experts. Look for a mechanic that is specialized in handling porsche related maintenance and repairs. Use the referrals from somebody you know down your block who owns a porsche vehicle.

Find the cost of insuring the porsche beforehand

It is important to figure how much you will spend insuring a porsche vehicle before cashing on one. You probably wouldn’t. That way, you will be informed of what is ahead and prepare for it. It helps you save your ass from getting financially stuck and not being able to insure your car. You can get insurance quotes from your local authorities or government agencies. The internet is also your tools to get enough information here. The cost of insurance will vary from one company to company. Get quotes from different companies and compare it to determine which company offer the fairest rate.

Find whether or not you can afford porsche upkeep

Proper maintenance is required for a porsche to be up and running. That comes with a price which you have to figure out whether you can afford or not beforehand. The cost of upkeep of a porsche may be factored by the inner parts. Buy a sound porsche that is fuel economical in order to reduce maintenance cost.


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