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Have you ever given any thought to submitting some of your work to be published in treatmentdiariesblog.com? People are strongly encouraged to send us their suggestions and ideas for consideration in the sections designated for Advice and Review. Further down on this page, you will discover further information that may be of interest to you on the criteria and primary emphasis of each subject.

Every piece of work that we publish was acquired through a financial transaction on our part. Our costs are quite competitive and may be adjusted to reflect the duration of the project as well as the degree of difficulty involved.

Instructions On How To Pitch Your Suggestion To The Help Section

Both written proposals and academic essays may be sent to us for evaluation. The most effective pitches are between one and two paragraphs long and communicate not just the topic and argument of the essay, but also the reasons why you are in a strong position to write it. The length of the pitch should be between one and two paragraphs. In the interest of full deliberation, I would ask that the following recommendations be taken into account:

  1. The average length of an article is anywhere between 600 and 1,800 words.
  2. Articles ought to provide recommendations that can be put into practice, such as how to address a certain problem, what steps ought to be done, and what pitfalls ought to be avoided. They should make an effort to steer clear of coming out as too philosophical or intellectual in their approach.
  3. The articles have to be written in a conversational, journalistic style, and they ought to steer clear of jargon as much as is humanly feasible. Footnotes are not to be included at this time. In the body of the essay itself, you should include both the titles of the sources that you cite and links to those sources.
  4. Every piece of material must be real and trustworthy; there must not be any creative license used with the narrative, nor should the facts be altered in any way.

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