Skilled and Safe Drivers Always Look Ahead

One of the first skills any driver should learn is to look ahead and scan the road well. Sadly, most of the drivers only focus on the cars in front, behind and besides them. Well, of course you need to learn about them, but it is a good driving habit to look as further as you can and thereby know where you are going.

The thing is, it is the basic human instinct to simply focus on vehicles around us, especially while taking a turn or cornering. Now, it is very hard to break this habit, but of course it is possible. So, the question is how far should you look when driving? Keep on reading to know the perfect answer to this very important question…

Don’t be afraid to look ahead

Any Safer Drivers Course will teach you how to use your eyes while on road. You could stay safe while driving and steering is only possible if you look and focus well. If your eyes are at the correct places, everything will flow smoothly.

Unfortunately, most drivers don’t look beyond a particular distance. Also, some find it scary to look ahead, because in doing so they have to take their focus away from things around them for a while. Well, don’t be scared to look ahead, as it is the only way in which you can avoid any accidents. Keep in mind, if you haven’t seen it and prepared for it, you will never be able to avoid it.

Aim higher when steering

You must have definitely heard this many a times in your driving lessons ‘aim higher when steering’, well, now is the time to understand what it exactly means. Driving tutors at make sure that their students learn proper steering habits. What they exactly mean is you must not steer your vehicle depending only on what is in front of you.

When you develop the habit of looking further, you will notice that it will not only make your driving smoother, but even safer. Ideally, you must scan ½ mile to 1 full mile ahead. This may sound impossible, but with practice it can be done. All you need to do is break your natural instincts and focus on road ahead.

Be a Protective driver not a Reactive one

When you are focusing and scanning the road ahead, it is best that you even predict what other drivers might do around you. In any emergency situation, there are multiple ways in which you can avoid being a part of any accident. Try and learn how other drivers around you are driving their vehicles.

For instance, if you notice someone who is changing lanes frequently, or someone who isn’t showing proper indicators, simply make a game plan in your head, of how you will avoid any mishaps when around such drivers.

Lastly, always be ready for the worst. Yes, you will be focused on the road, and you will be scanning the road ahead you, but still there are chances of millions of things going wrong. So, every time you are behind the wheel, be prepared for something unexpected and learn to alter your driving skills according to the situation (speed up, slow down, go for a sudden break, reposition your vehicle, etc.)