Know Which Spare Parts Must Be Available With You

If you are using your tractor regularly then you can expect a certain amount of wear and tear of a few critical parts in due course of time and that may need immediate replacement if necessary.

Those of you who are living within a large community of agricultural people, where you can surely find a tractor salvage yard. Here old tractors are purchased and if any important parts are needed then the same can be taken out from the old tractor and it is replaced.

The other alternate can be storing a few important spare parts with you so that in case of any unfortunate breakdown, you can straightway replace the defective parts. The purpose of keeping any spare parts or contacting any salvage yard is to reduce the downtime, as quite often the right spare parts may have a cetain lead time to arrive.

So, if you have certain critical spare parts readily available to you or you have access to any nearby salvage yard in your area then you can reduce that downtime.

For any major problem with your Kubota graveyard tractor, you may contact the professional of Southern Global Tractor. The following are a few spare parts that must be readily available to you if your tractor is under regular use.

  • Fuel Filter

Fuel filters are meant for plugging with the accumulated debris or clogs if fuel ever gels in cold temperature during the winter.

  • Lynch pins

This can be very easily lost and you can keep a few extras as they are quite cheap.

  • Grease zerks

You must know about the right size that your tractor uses and the kind of nuances e.g. whether the thread is tapered or straight.

  • Oil filter and engine oil

This is another regular maintenance item that must be readily available to you whenever it is needed.

  • Hydraulic oil and filter

This is another very regular maintenance item, however, if but if your tractor happens to be a subcompact tractor where your hydraulic filter will be located much low to the ground. Due to this reason, it is possibly more prone to damage.

It will always be nice to have one on hand so that you can get back your tractor running and also save from the loss of hydraulic oils of several gallons.

  • Tractor hydraulic oil and transmission oil
  • Air Filter

Both primary and secondary.

  • Alternator belt

You must keep this in your inventory.

  • Fuses

You must check the fuse ratings of your tractor. Fuse can often blow off and just for a simple reason, your tractor will remain inoperative. Therefore, you must have a sufficient stock of all the ratings of fuses as per your tractor model and make.

  • Coolant

You must also keep a stock of coolant and must keep an eye on your recovery tank level and that must be refilled as a part of your regular preventive maintenance schedule.

  • Suction screen cover O-rings

This is another regular consumables that must be available with you.

  • Light bulbs

These bulbs do not last long and hence you must stock them.