Tips to Create Welcoming Office for Clients with Custom Door Mats

Keeping good quality floor mats outside the house can create a good impression on guests. It also reveals your taste and the way you represent the house. The same can be done by using the best quality floor mats for the offices. Even beautiful and expensive cars can be ugly with the wrong floor mats placed.

Entrance floor mats protect the floor from dust, which helps in keeping the insider clean. It also reduces the maintenance cost. Guests first glance at the doormat when they enter a hotel, restaurant, motel, or business. Using a custom logo floor mat adds a class to the entrance and signals about brand recognition, good customer service, and pride to be the business to the customers.

No doubt custom floor mats are expensive than ordinary mats. However, you can control the pricing by monitoring several factors like size, bulk purchase, and logistics cost. You may also choose readymade mats from manufacturers, but customized mats are way cheaper because you can decide everything from material to shipping cost.

Ultimate Mats is a family business that started in 2005. They create super high-quality commercial mats at a reasonable price. They provide anti-fatigue mats, entry mats, and custom logo door mats with the best materials. They partner with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the US to provide optimum service to clients.

Floor Rug Design Concepts

  • Customers just walk on it and within few seconds they’re inside the building, so within those few seconds, you have to build an impression. Incorporating a business name is the best way of recognizing a brand.
  • A business logo is how people recognize brands nowadays, for example, the moment people see a logo on a shirt they recognize the brand. Printing logo on the doormat is another great way to impress customers and they will instantly remember your logo which is good for the future.
  • You can also add some extra factors like the year business started, or few images that will attract kids as well. Use bright colors that outshine at the door and not some dull color like grey, black, or red which is common in weddings as well.

How to Create Welcoming Atmosphere with Custom Floor Mats

  • Add a custom floor mat at the entrance even if it’s a small passage. This is the purpose of buying a custom floor mat you can choose the size that fits well in the area.
  • Use an anti-dirt and an anti-fatigue doormat that scrapes dirt from the shoes. This will keep your office clean and your maintenance cost will be less.
  • Ensure that the floor mat is regularly cleaned because dirty floor mats don’t look good. Your brand name and logo also fade away in dirt and mud.
  • You can use the custom floor mats not only in the entrance and reception area, but also in the cafeteria, bathroom, meeting rooms, cabin, etc.
  • To add extra benefits, create a waiting room and spread customized floor rug to avoid soiling of coffee, snacks, or water. Whenever client sees the floor, they’ll see the business name.

If you have a good-quality entrance mat, it helps in maintaining the indoor quality of the office. So, investing one time on a durable and high-quality custom floor mat is imperative.