How to Sell Ringtones Online and Make Money in 2021?

Nowadays mobile phones have become a part of our life. Mobile phones are the main object in the world to get faster updates as more people are using them and connectivity around the world can only be achieved through their development.

Industries related to mobile phones also so significant growth all the time. Ringtone distribution has become an evident sector to make a profit online. Sell your music online and mobile brands and online distributors purchase your music for ringtones. Each mobile brand is competitively placing its mobile phones to customers in order to attract buyers. So, each brand needs a variety of ringtones to stand out of the crowd to become a crowd puller.

Some brands are identified by their signature ringtones and they want ringtones that just update their already existing ringtone to cope up with modern times. So, you need to study what the market needs and sell ringtones accordingly to gain more profit.

Now you have plenty of options to earn money by selling ringtones and music online. Sell your music on iTunes and it will help your music to reach a wider audience and make more profit from it.

Musicdigi is an online platform that helps you out to sell your music online. They have several years of experience in providing worldwide distribution of music. They help you to get paid for your ringtones and music in easy 3 steps.

Step 1- Upload your music

Upload the ringtone or music that you have created to their site. They will check and analyse your music and will find a proper buyer for your music and ringtone and ensure maximum revenue from each music.

Step 2- Distribute

They will distribute your music or ringtone to mobile brands and whoever is necessary and will provide a worldwide acceptance to your music.

Step 3- Get paid

Maximum payment from minimal work is ensured. Your ringtones and music will find proper buyers and payment will be done without any problem.

Hence, they provide a seamless experience in making money from your ringtone and music.

Benefits of selling ringtones online

  • Ease

It is very easy to get connected with the whole world within one touch away. Getting connected with multinational companies and even small-scale buyers from around the world has become effortless.

  • Demand

There is high demand for ringtones as mobile brands are growing every day. So, they want to showcase different ringtones to attract buyers with different tastes. So, there is always enough demand for different kinds of music and ringtones around the world.

  • Wider acceptance

By selling your music and ringtone online there are chances high that people all over the world could access it. For people around the world, it would help them to get your music on Apple Music and other online platform and you could get more profit all around the world.


It’s very easier, faster, and profitable to sell ringtones online and make money, especially in this pandemic situation. So, what you guys are waiting for do check it out.