Importance of Reading Lab Reports on Any CBD Related Products

The vape industry has a lot of new and innovative products emerging on a daily basis. Many of them might be premium high-quality products, while others might be a fake. So, as a customer, how can you really distinguish between the genuine and the fake ones? One way is by looking at the lab reports.

Why CBD Products Need to be tested?

If you check the websites of companies selling CBD products, you might find that they are based on lab reports. So, what do you make of this? Any CBD product that is manufactured has to go through a number of tests to ensure that they meet quality standards and are safe for consumption.

Any mismatch in the ingredients can lead to addiction or can prove to be dangerous of your health. Many fake companies might claim that they sell high quality premium products and might not back these by lap reports. If you are an expert, you can come to know the difference quite easily. This is not so the case for beginners.

Lab testing needs to be conducted by a third party to understand the formulation and the concentration of various CBD products such as vape oils, CBD tincture and many more. Many of the CBD products are used to treat a lot of ailments, so one needs to be really careful on how much concentration of CBD is required for the same.

Purity and Quality of CBD is Important

One cannot compromise on purity and quality of CBD products. No matter how you use CBD products, whether for vaping or medically, the right quality product can be beneficial to you in many ways. When third party companies conduct lab tests, they basically look for:

  • Potency
  • Safety and Quality Requirements
  • CBD concentrate

Labs tests based on potency refers to whether the CBD milligrams mentioned in the label matches with the lab report. Another important check is to see the safety and quality requirements. A number of tests are run to check for pesticides, heavy metals and other residual solvents.

The concentrate of the CBD product is determined by checking the ratio of cannabinoids to the carrier. CBD oils and tinctures need to be clear and if these are murky then they are mixed with other oils.

If you are looking for genuine CBD products, then there are companies such as JustCBD located in London, UK that sell a variety of CBD products for your consumption. They even have a separate page for lab reports where they have showcased all the tests conducted for each and every product that they sell online.

Transparency is Important

Do your research when it comes to CBD products. Be skeptical of any company that hesitates to share the lab reports and tries to dodge your queries. If they do show their lab reports, ensure that you research about the credibility of the laboratories to know if they are genuine or not.

Check reviews and ratings offered by other consumers before you take the plunge and later regret your decision.


Be a smart buyer. While looking at CBD products, the lab testing should be done by a third party and not by the company or its subsidiary.