What Benefits Can A Business Get By Using Conversational Surveys

A conversational survey offers a more interactive and engaging survey that helps a business to form a personal connection with its customers. Here in this survey, businesses use a chatbot to conduct the survey. This chatbot interviews the customers and gathers deeper insight via conversations.

Let us know more about the importance of conversational surveys in the business.

What Makes Qwary Superior to Survey Sparrow?

Qwary is the best alternative to Surveysparrow in a myriad of ways:

  • The company creates highly efficient and targeted surveys that lead to more meaningful conversation
  • It provides the best-in-class CX survey tool that can create engaging and beautiful surveys in seconds.
  • Unlike SurveySparrow, Qwary users can personalize their template backgrounds using animated videos, and gradients.
  • The platform provides unique and innovative tools to make their surveys backgrounds appealing and attractive. This feature is not present in SurveySparrow
  • Another benefit of Qwary over SurveySparrow is that it provides an Artificial Intelligence-based driven language library. This library enables multilingual surveys to its users.
  • Unlike SurveySparrow, Qwary users get the facility of automatic translation to help your business perform survey translation in multiple languages quickly.
  • Qwary’s surveys can be accessed via email campaigns and web links. The tool provides centralized management of contact details of customers to help a business target them quickly and easily.
  • Their survey is built with plenty of robust functionalities. The platform makes it convenient to send survey links, create engaging surveys and configure keyword survey starters via SMS.

About Conversational Surveys

Conversational surveys are executed on a conversational UI like a web page. There is no need to download any software or app to perform the survey. This survey offers an interactive survey experience to users.

The AI-driven chatbot can converse with users just like a human being. Their reactions towards user’s responses give a personalized touch to the conversation. The engaging interface of the surveys enables one to get an in-depth understand of customers.

Benefits of Conversational Surveys

Let us now look at the different benefits offered by conversational surveys for customers:

  • Uses platforms that are widely used by consumers such as SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • Chatbots are gentle and polite when asking customers to take the survey and answering their queries/reactions.
  • The conversation with a chatbot has a humanly touch and progresses in the direction to offer the most productive feedback.
  • The major reason why people like to take conversational surveys is that they are enjoyable and engaging. These surveys enhance the brand value among participants. Due to this reason, this type of survey has got 40% higher rate of completion than other surveys.
  • Conversational surveys provide quick feedback that enables users to respond to critical issues fast.
  • This customer feedback generated through these surveys can be easily converted into a pre-populated Google review in a few taps. This results in a powerful means to develop more social evidence for the brand.
  • A conversational survey provides new marketing channels to a business. This helps it to offer additional paths to introduce its services and products to consumers.
  • Users get enhanced feedback that results in high-quality data. This helps enhance the customer experience.

The utility of Conversational Surveys

Here is the list of reasons why conversational surveys are helpful for a business:

  • A conversational survey uses Net Promoter Score and Customer Satisfaction to make it beneficial to track and enhance the customer experience. It can be used for employee engagement, market research, case creation, lead acquirement, and more. All this helps gain an in-depth understanding of the respondent.
  • The survey uses platforms that users are comfortable to engage with the business. Their interface resembles more of like WhatsApp and FB Messenger which feel more natural, pleasant, and enjoyable to users.
  • Conversational surveys use Artificial Intelligence and real-time reactions to generate the impression that it is listening and properly understanding the feedback.
  • These surveys offer real-time solutions to common issues. They properly and timely inform the customer that their issue is raised with the respective department.


In the present scenario, we can see that the conventional surveys are losing their relevance. They are increasingly getting replaced by conversational surveys that provide an innovative and personalized approach towards surveys.

These surveys deliver a higher rate of survey completion and improved insight. Furthermore, these AI-driven surveys provide real-time routing and understanding that helps create a better respondent experience.